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Who We Are:

Our management team includes Structural Engineers, Architects, Interior Designers and Mechanical Engineers and we provide a complete range of services including: Full Architectural & Engineering drawings, Zoning and Building Permits, Design-built, General Contracting, Project Management, Multi-homes.

Our Values:

We believe that the home is not only a place for living, but also a warm place for a family to communicate and share. Let the your home be the starting point of your new life! The beautiful actually closely reflects the taste and quality of life. The art of life is not only reflected in beautiful appearances and exquisite costumes, but is also reflected in the smooth lines and great design of your space. Quality living is a perfect combination of beauty, exquisite materials and practical functionality.

Our Taste

We believe that living would become more cheerful if people worked in an elegant and stylish home. With this in mind we design unique perfect house for every client. Just like the Waltz written by Strauss it is a perfect combination of melody, rhythm and harmony showcasing the essence and beauty.

Our Quality

The details of the every inch of your home are not just about esthetics, but also fine qualities. We have taken inspiration from human kinetics, form and design in order to tailor-make a superior space with visual appeal and functionality to fit your needs. Our quality assurance will definitely satisfy your desire for a perfect home life.

Address: 9735 Warden Ave, Markham, ON L6C 1M6
Email: info@kosing.ca
Phone: 416-818-0488

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We are Certified & Protected

provide new home warranty protection to Ontario homes.